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Business Business Improvement has been established in 1999 and is owned and led by Harm Oosting since day one.

Business Improvement. The name of our company says it all and is what we stand for. We will help you to take your business forward to a higher level. During the last 15 years many of our clients have achieved this. Have a look at our ( international) testimonial list: we believe you will be surprised at some of the names you will see. We are pleased to be able to provide you with the names of some of the organisations we have worked for, so that you can confirm the success of Business Improvement and the way we work.

Summary of what Business Improvement can mean for your Business.

Firstly, we perform an analysis and investigation of your business. What are the roots of your business, where does it stand now and where do you want it to go, looking forwards? In moving forward, it is essential to identify and understand your past and existing strengths.

Your business exists, thanks to, or may be in spite of, your employees.

To enable your business to advance and reach its goals, it is essential that your employees play an active role in this process. What do you expect now and in the future from your employees?

Every individual employee has their own goal(s). These can be inconsistent with the goals of the business they work for. Business Improvement works with both individuals and teams to form a plan of attack which will bring together goals the goals of the individuals and those of the business and step by step, bring the business forward to a higher level.

We always do this in an open and honest environment, with integrity, based on mutual respect and trust.

We also accept special assignments for individual departments such as procument, sales, production and R&D.
In addition, we coach and / or train management teams and directors and advise on takeovers and reorganisations. If needed, our skills enable us to temporarily provide leadership and guidance and to play an active role in finding new members of your management team.


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